Stage 1: Newborn Breastfeeding Box

Stage 1: Newborn Breastfeeding Box

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The perfect breastfeeding box for a mom of a newborn.

Mama, we know this time is a little bit crazy. You're just getting home from the hospital and decided to commit to this breastfeeding journey for a while. There's a lot going on between getting settled in back home, taking care of yourself, and learning your baby and their breastfeeding schedule. We created this gift box just for you. 

This Stage One: Newborn Breastfeeding Box includes all the essentials for mom & baby:

  • Natural, Unscented Deodorant by Native (1 stick)
    Safely breastfeed and pump with this roll-on (vs. spray) and natural deodorant.
  • Postpartum Herbal Pads by The Honey Pot Company (12 count)
    "A cooling effect that calms post-baby soreness and cramps."
  • Organic Nipple Breastfeeding Cream by Motherlove (2oz)
    Provides relief to sore nipples while breastfeeding and pumping. 
  • Hydrogel Nipple Comfort Pads by Medela (4 count)
    Soothing cool gel pads for those uncomfortable early days of breastfeeding.
  • Breastmilk Shell Collectors (2 shells)
    Worn over your nipples while breastfeeding to collect any leaking breastmilk so that none of that liquid gold goes to waste!
  • Jersey Cotton Burp Cloths by Ely & Co (2 count)
    Deliciously soft burp cloths for feeding and burping time.
  • Nursing Scarf 
    To cover yourself and your baby while breastfeeding at home or in public.
  • Breast Comfort Pads by Lil'Buds
    Heat up or cool down these arc-shaped comfort packs to sooth breast pains and prevent mastitis (inflammation and infection of the breast).