Queen & Baby Box - Spring Edition
Queen & Baby Box - Spring Edition
Queen & Baby Box - Spring Edition

Queen & Baby Box - Spring Edition

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Our Spring Gift Box is filled with essential items to help you breastfeed and chill.

Each Spring Box includes:
  • Milky Mama Lactation Cookie Mix 
    A yummy solution to help keep your milk supply up. The mix is dairy and soy free. Bonus: Family activity!
  • Soothing Wipes 
    For after-pumping/breastfeeding personal cleansing.
  • Milk Storage Bags
    To collect and store all that precious liquid gold!
  • Micro-steam Sanitizing Bags 
    Keep your pump parts and bottles clean with these sanitizing steam bags. Just pop them into the microwave! 
  • Hand Sanitizer 
    Organic hand sanitizer that kills germs on hands and surfaces. 70% alcohol.
  • Reusable Nursing Pads 
    Leakproof nursing pads that are machine-washable.
  • Rose Water Face and Body Spray
    Spritz this on to tone and hydrate your face. Pro tip: Want to experience immediate relaxation? Hide in your bathroom, close your eyes, spray this on, and breathe deep.  Trust me.
  • Organic Herbal Calm Drops (Safe for Pregnant & Nursing Moms)
    "This herbal blend calms and provides anxiety relief without causing drowsiness." 
  • Lavender Geranium Shower Steamers
    Add luxury to your shower with these shower steamers infused with lavender and geranium essential oils. Just place one of these on your shower floor or shelf away and let the shower steam release the aromatherapy vapors. 
  • Ylang Ylang and Rose Soy Candle
    Together, these scents will calm your frayed nerves and transport you to your happy place!