Back to Work Essentials Deluxe Box 3 Months Prepaid Subscription

Back to Work Essentials Deluxe Box 3 Months Prepaid Subscription

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A great gift option for the #BadAssMom in your life. Support her decision to continue breastfeeding as she returns to work.

Our curated boxes come with 8 high-quality products – all to help a mom feel prepared, supported, and encouraged to keep the milk flowing while in the office.

Deluxe Boxes Include:

  • Lactation Tea by Oat Mama (14 tea bags)
    To help keep your milk supply up even when you are away from your little one.
  • Soothing Wipes by Bella B (24 count)
    For after-pumping cleansing before heading back to your desk.
  • Milk Storage Bags by Lansinoh (50 count)
    To collect all of that liquid gold!
  • Micro-steam Bags by Medela (5 count)
    Steam and sterilize bottles and pump parts on the go.
  • Quick Clean Pump and Accessory Wipes by Medela (24 count)
    Keep your pump parts clean between uses with these sanitizing wipes.
  • Lactation Cookies by Milk Makers (3 packs)
    A pick-me-up snack that does double duty to help you keep your milk supply.
  • Reusable Nursing Pads by Knix (set of 2)
    Leak-proof nursing pads. Reusable and machine-washable.
  • Hands-free Bra Kit by Lactamed (one-size-fits-all) 
    Allows moms to pump hands free while also enables hand pumping/massage.
  • Herbal Focus Drops by Calm-A-Mama
    "This blend is for brain fog and procrastination. Often used as a coffee substitute, it gives a subtle energy lift, clarity and decisiveness."
  • Queen & Baby Canvas Pouch
    A cute pouch for all of your pumping supplies.