Our Story


Hey Mama!

My name is Shannan and I am founder of Queen & Baby Box.


In January 2018, I left my job because I struggled with pumping at work. I had returned to the office merely 10 weeks after giving birth to my baby girl, and the combination of stress, a long commute, and lack of sleep, eventually impacted my milk supply and ultimately, my decision to continue working.

Soon after leaving, I learned that I was not alone. Every year, thousands of women leave their careers after having a baby due to lack of support. I knew there had to be a better way forward for us all. I decided that I would create a service to help moms like you and me become confident to reach our breastfeeding and career goals, while also being treated like a Queen (you send yourself roses, too, don't you?).

Queen & Baby Box is paving the way to encourage and support moms in reaching both their breastfeeding and career goals by curating the best products and providing genuine support.

I know it can be a struggle somedays; and I know it can feel lonely. But my hope for you is that with a little bit more support you feel inspired to keep on pumping!


Because I pumped in a bathroom, dressing room and wine storage closet.